Industrial Design
System Architecture
Project Management
Supply Chain
Quality Management
Measuring high dynamic actions

  -   User interface design
  -   App development
  -   Signal processing
  -   Motion sensor development

In this project we develop a measuring system to analyse sports actions and movement. Capturing both the physical data and video of the movement enables us to make the next level analysis. The system consist of an app for mobile devices and motion sensors.
Monitoring calf health

  -   Wireless communication
  -   Sensor design
  -   Use-case analysis

The first weeks of a calf's life are critical. In this project we develop a sensor and information system to track a calve's health and inform its owner in case of illness.
Dev kit for 3D interaction

  -   User interface design
  -   App development
  -   Data processing
  -   Sensor design

3D interaction becomes more and more important in gaming and Virtual Reality applications. We develop a dev kit including a sensor and a software package which makes it realy easy for other developers to incorporate 3D interaction in their own application.
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